Made in the USA

Patrick Jernigan

When I started this company I wanted to make a commitment to having as much of our product made in the USA as possible. We have American made gis, shirts, shorts, soap, mouthguards, hats, rashguards, and waterbottles. Unfortunately, some of the more popular brands don't share this vision. One brand that we've been carrying recently discovered that the products they've been selling as having hemp actually contain no hemp. While it is possible to get ripped off by an American manufacturer, it's also easier to keep tabs on someone when they are not on the other side of the world. This year I plan on visiting a  number of manufacturing facilities in the US as I prepare to expand our selection of American made products. I'm adding a link below from Submission FC regarding their "hemp" products. If you purchased one of these product from us, your next purchase is 20% off. Any remaining Submission product in our store is 30% off.

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