Brands We Do Not Carry

Patrick Jernigan

This is not a sour grapes post. There are three brands that people ask about that I can't seem to get for the store no matter how much I try. People search this website for these brands and I'd rather have them find this blog than nothing.

Number one on the list is Shoyoroll. Enough people ask for it that I've considered buying a few of each at regular price and selling them for some of the crazy prices you see on EBay. I spoke with the owner and couldn't get any kind of deal that made sense to me which is unfortunate because they sponsor a lot of my friends.

Another gi that people ask for that I can't get is CTRL. These guys won't even talk to me even though they also sponsor a lot of my friends. Basically their business is based on pre-orders and they don't really carry a lot of inventory so they have little incentive to deal with retailers. Shoyoroll is pretty much the same.

The last brand I haven't been able to get is Winning. This one I might be able to get in stock before the end of the year. I know some people who say they know someone who can help me out on this but they never seem to get back to me. I'm working on this one. For high end gloves we've got Cleto Reyes and for high end gis we've got Origin.

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